Take away France’s cigarettes and the whole country grinds to a halt!

The French people are fed up … as evidenced by the fact that almost everybody is on strike in France: teachers, rail and public transport workers, energy workers, civil service workers, newspaper distributors, air traffic controllers. Striking workers are "holding the country’s economic growth to ransom," say government officials.

Obviously economic growth will falter with so many people striking, and obviously the government should hear the complaints of its citizens, before the last one of them just sits down and refuses to work in any capacity!

Meanwhile, students are blocking access to universities, and Bar-Tabac owners demonstrated again this week to protest anti-smoking laws, as they and the public generally have done before.

The French are disgusted with conditions in their country, regarding their work, their society, and their arrogant government. Rage at the Nanny State contributes most considerably to their general malaise. They are a famously heavily-smoking people now being subjected to vicious Healthist oppression. This they have protested repeatedly.

Jackbooted "authorities" are intellectually deaf and dumb, impervious to reason, responsive only to force. The French have the right idea. They are venting their rage, effectively impeding their oppressors, and rightfully taking to the streets.



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