If we have to go by what is happening to smoking, this video describes perfectly the future of the alcohol industry if the social engineering of “public health” is successful.

The success of the drinkers’ demonization campaign is guaranteed if the alcohol industry behaves like the tobacco industry (especially if it makes the same mistakes), and drinkers behave like the majority of smokers – both instances, unfortunately, more probable than not.

This is an amusing promotion, and you can see more at www.usbwine.com., that shows how wine will be obtained in the year 2239 while asking you to order now. That is already a sign of short vision, along the lines of the smokers’ right groups in the early nineties, who refused to believe that smoking bans would come.

The “USB wine” will not come in 2239. Try 2015 or earlier. Virtual wine will be the only thing that you can consume without breaking some law, and the battle at that time will be whether to make it illegal all together (bad example for children), or make the virtual access conditional to digital transmission of fingerprints to the computer for age verification, and after authentication with the health police department, alcohol addicts control division.

That is the future of drinking if we allow the “health” authorities to have their way – and they will, if they are not forcefully prevented. So enjoy this video, but don’t take it too lightly. After that, light a cigarette and get drunk to forget it – while it’s still legal!

French video with English subtitles.



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