Feast thine eyes upon glorious images of thy betters.
Our betters, those of the non-smoking Master Race, decree how the rest of us must live, under punishment of their divinely inspired laws. We present here a photo gallery of some of the more prominent antitobacco Inquisitors. Feast thine eyes, or more to the point, know thine enemies.

These are the folks who are oh so superior because they know it is unthinkable ever to smoke. They know the merest wisp of tobacco smoke from afar is absolutely deadly and positively intolerable. You will accept their beliefs and edicts or suffer under their laws. There is no debate. Antitobacco, the pimpled child of the pimpled parent “science” of eugenics, is the one true belief. There is no choice. Your betters have spoken. It is yours but to obey.

These are the Health Heroes and the Paragons of Perfection. These are all fearless leaders of the Fourth Reich, confident they are establishing a new millennium of Healthist rule, effective as and when they decree. They are, to put it more plainly, the lousy bastards who are destroying your families, friendships, careers, and businesses in the name of their paranoid and fanatical ideology.

Fanaticism and hypocrisy have always been close friends. Take a look at your betters. Admire their human perfection. You’ll have to laugh. Get very angry too. In the smokiest bar in the seediest part of town you’ll find no greater preponderance of double chins, pot bellies (ranging to the truly enormous), or general wear and tear. You’ll certainly find no such arrogance and no greater sickness. There is nothing more sick than fanaticism. These hypocrites ooze with the disease.

We present just a sampling of antitobacco trash here. Feel free to suggest other fascistic bastards for this ghastly gallery. Each photo links, with a click, to a selected article relevant to the louse depicted.

Attorney Banzhaf, founder of the international hate group Action on Smoking and Health, states that "passive smoke" makes all smokers liable to prosecution for murder with depraved indifference to human life: a capital offense in areas of the United States.

Frothing Mayor Bloomberg is particular about directing fear and hate. He says the "9/11" attack on New York’s World Trade Center was very small potatoes: smokers are the true terrorists since they kill innocent people every day via "passive smoking."

World Health Organization (WHO) veteran and gadabout Inquisitor Gro Harlem Brundtland spends moments away from the table dictating removal of every personal freedom from everyone but herself.

Long-time pogrom proponent Stanton Glantz is a mechanical engineer with a sham "fellowship in cardiology" from the University of California at San Francisco, from which office he has run a vastly lucrative grant-funded propaganda machine, for many years. You will often see Glantz referred to as a "doctor of medicine" or "professor of cardiology." He accepts such encomia, as he does government and pharmaceutical money, with just the sort of grin you see here. The dokta smarmily described his love of hateful scams at the 1990 Seventh United Nations/WHO World Conference on Tobacco and Health held in Perth, Australia: "The main thing the science has done on the issue of ETS ["environmental tobacco smoke," i.e. "passive smoking"] in addition to help people like me pay the mortgage, is it legitimized the concern that people have that they didn’t like cigarette smoke, and that is a strong emotional force that needs to be harnessed and used. We’re on a roll, and the bastards are on the run."

People had been choosing to smoke or not, while getting along together, for millennia in the Americas and for half a millennium across the globe by the time of the 1975 Third United Nations/WHO World Conference on Smoking and Health. The British doctor and public health official Sir George Godber, Chairman of that New York City conference, addressed his assemblage while knowing that smoking would likely always exist so long as people were free to choose. So he declared his belief that, in order to eliminate smoking, “it would be essential to foster an atmosphere where it was perceived [emphasis added] that active smokers would injure those around them, especially their family and any infants or young children who would be exposed involuntarily to ETS.” It would be essential to propagate baseless fear and hatred. That’s what the doctor prescribed and his colleagues applauded. The eugenic "science" followed on the declaration rather than preceding it.

C. Everett Koop, US Surgeon General in the ‘eighties, was the first man in that office actually to affect military dress. He decreed that smokers should be eradicated from the Earth in the new millennium. Perhaps the US Attorney General will now don a helmet and start shooting smokers in the streets according to his divine judgement and authority. Koop and the rest of the gang would undoubtedly applaud that too.

This Bloomberg copycat Healthist blowhard and fatso is legendary for his sneering scorn toward anyone who uses tobacco. He also banned snack foods from Boston schools in a publicized fury. More recently he was hospitalized for gastric distress following overindulgence in hot dogs and crackerjacks at the Fenway Park baseball stadium.

Reiner’s greatest claim to fame was for playing the annoying character of Meathead on TV’s All in the Family. Today he would cram Archie Bunker’s lit cigar into his eye. Life imitates art as ever-expanding Rob Reiner goes off the scale on the annoyance meter.

The hatefully repugnant Repace, a notoriously rude grifter who has carved out a dishonest living as a "secondahand smoke consultant," is perhaps most famous for his scientific observation that a tornado in a barroom would be insufficient to remove the peril of "passive smoking."

This cretinous Californian never met a health scare he did not love or promote legislatively to devastating effect.



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