Once in a while some good news comes our way, and this deserves our attention even if it is a few days old.

"Sales of Pfizer’s quit-smoking pill Chantix are plummeting in the US after regulators tied the drug to suicides, a setback that may depress shares beyond today’s 11-year low."

"US prescriptions for Chantix have dropped by almost 33% since January 18, when the suicide link surfaced, according to research firm Verispan. Wary doctors now use the pill only when other treatments fail, said Norman Edleman, chief medical officer for the American Lung Association."

In the meantime, as we know, the stocks of the tobacco industry are faring quite well, thank you, an in-your-face demonstration that smokers are not that stupid after all. We really like to think so and, for a change, we’ll use the good side effects of smoking to enhance the good mood, rather than relieve the depression caused by the world’s state of affairs.



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