We are pleased to present the complete version of an important documentary already known to many: The Great Global Warming Swindle. More recent than the epidemiological frauds on smoking, the global warming creed is an ideological manifestation of the same type of paranoia that is sweeping the world about health.
The reactions to this documentary have been predictable. Faith-based junk scientists promptly condemned it. No surprise there. Just imagine if a similarly powerful documentary on the active and passive smoking swindle were produced and broadcast by a major television station! What do you think the WHO or your ministry of “health” would say: “You caught us”?… Certainly not.

What must be understood is that large and powerful sub-economies that created parasitic jobs for millions of bureaucrats in every nation of the world have been constructed around these planetary frauds. The stakes are immense: unlimited political power, absolute social control, taxes, and grants – billions and billions of dollars in grants around the world – that flow into the pockets of professional fraudsters.

Many of these are panicked in self-delusion, others merely cynical and greedy, but all of them are united in a circular goose-stepping line. They always agree. They always end up in the same place. There is but one answer. The circle is all. What lies outside it is condemned. Their reputations, their livelihoods, their precious ideology, all depend on promoting the fraudulent faith. They build fevered computer models for doom and gloom, to confirm their fantasies, to pilot economies and industries right into the ground, while yielding immense benefits for just a few in the short term.

Of course the “debate is over” for both the global warming and the smoking issue. If it were not – if those who dissent were given equal opportunity to demonstrate their perspectives – those great frauds would be exposed once and for all. Grants would stop flowing. “Authorities” would go to jail in such numbers that new prisons would have to be built. Doctors would face humiliation. Politicians riding the frauds would be discredited, their heads in the political guillotine, trophies of justice and truth.

Institutions would finally be cleaned up, which is to say in many cases, eradicated. Entire sections of government would have to be reshuffled. Smug bureaucratic tyrants would be dethroned. Their clueless underlings would be faced with the need to learn useful job skills. Very bad news for them, while for the rest of us, freedom, initiative, economic prosperity and industrial expansion would return together with optimism and joy of living.

All that is most unacceptable to empowered ideologues so our “authorities” deny the squashing evidence of critics, and refer to each other, one after another, all in the circle, confirming a man-made “disaster” that simply does not exist: circular reasoning, circular referencing, spinning "truth" out of whole cloth. The scare-mongering environmentalist circle has learned well from “public health” and antitobacco. Round-robin "scientific consensus" and its masses of formulated junk "studies" prove nothing but the idiocy and villainy of those who produce them. More and more people are coming to understand this.

The Global Warming Swindle is a courageous denunciation of a criminal system of deception and of a fanatical ideology of social nihilism. If you have watched this programme before, watch it again when you can, enjoy the graphics and explanations as you did before, but focus especially this time on your own intuition and common sense. There is a gargantuan fireball in the sky. It is 1.3 million times the size of the Earth. Do you really think that what people do is the decisive factor here? Do you need to be a specialist to understand that?

To the ideologues plain sense is heretical "theory" to be stifled or denounced, while their hysteria is "proof," by consensus. The hysterical opinions of fanatical ideologues are, to fanatical ideologues, the truth. From seats of government, darkness is calling itself light, not an unprecedented situation. Whenever this happens it is time for revolutionary change.

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