Another Earth Day, another passel of lies.
The lack of historical memory is a characteristic of our panic-stricken era. Refusing to examine the historical record is a tactic adopted by the army of special interests and their acolytes in the mass media to convince the public that right now, this very minute, mankind is destroying the planet.

That the earth has existed for over four billion years, and has continuously undergone changes — ranging from the trivial to the cataclysmic — throughout its existence, is a fact better left unexamined. Species came and went, ice shelves expanded and melted for millions of years, all without the help of humble Homo sapiens. If our species disappeared the global changes would continue.

Far better for the hysteria-mongers is a confused present where all information comes from a select few gatekeepers, a condition, unfortunately, under which the so-called civilized world actually operates these days. One needn’t be ancient to remember that a few decades ago the fearful crisis the world faced was global cooling. Now the crisis is global warming and amnesia is the preferred state for the same mass media that once screeched we were heading toward an ice age. In fact the icy scare lives on even as the fiery one gets the big push today.

Alan Caruba of the aptly named National Anxiety Center pens an angry missive on the occasion of yesterday’s Earth Day 2008, the fortieth Earth Day, April 22nd. He harks back to the record of duplicity that sadly defines the environmental movement. While the reversals in course from one hysterical fear to another, available to anyone with a library card or access to the Internet, are amusing, Caruba’s core message is sobering.

The celebration of emotional fear-mongering at the expense of science leads to death. Millions of people have died due to the excesses of the misanthropes who control environmental policy. People, right now, are going hungry at the hands of these same ideologues. Widespread death and the destruction of modernity is the goal. How much longer, Caruba asks, are we going to let the paranoid haters get away with it?



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