British Health Secretary Alan Johnson tells us the smoking ban is a smashing success with no adverse social or business consequences whatsoever. Yes, he said that, and he gives not a moment’s attention to anyone who says otherwise. Links: (original) (stored)

Meanwhile, amidst general social division and misery, there has been a rash of spiking drinks that are left unattended (generally by smokers heading outside) on bars and tables, with drugs of the "Mickey Finn" variety beloved of thieves, and of the "Spanish Fly" variety preferred by rapists. Links: (original) (stored)

As has happened everywhere bans have appeared, smoking bar patrons forced out onto darkened streets, are also being attacked there. Links: (original) (stored)

Did Alan say hospitality business is booming? We also hear this: "The Hogshead in Lynn is one of a number of Laurel pubs which are being closed due to impact of the smoking ban and difficult trading conditions." Links: (original) (stored)

We also read: "The number’s up for an Edinburgh bingo hall that has been forced to close after an 80 per cent drop in players since the smoking ban." Links: (original) (stored)

And: "Workingmen’s clubs in Leeds are closing because of the smoking ban." Links: (original) (stored)

A Blackpool social club owner says: "The smoking ban has crucified my business, and it’s doing the same to everyone." Links: (original) (stored)

"Pubs have been closing at the rate of 27 a week — nearly four every day — over the past year as the savage impact of the smoking ban and spiralling costs combined to decimate the very heart of British life." Links: (original) (stored)

Club owners in North Lincolnshire are finally banding together to save their collective trade. "We have to do it as a collective, we can’t do it as individuals." Links: (original) (stored)

Undoubtedly Alan Johnson and his fellow Health Nazis will keep listening only to themselves. They are welcome to do that once they are disempowered. The time to disgrace and unseat the bastards is this minute.



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