Hold the presses! Barack Obama, the "former" smoker running for president, admits he’s fallen off the wagon.
No need to panic, however, since Obama’s lapse was months ago and he is coping with his hideous nicotine addiction by chewing gum, laced with withdrawal medicine, aka nicotine. What Obama doesn’t realize is that if he were an upfront and proud smoker, willing to poke anti-tobacco in the eye with his smoldering cigarette he would attract many more votes in November than he will attract by tritely preaching the anti-smoking gospel.

That cigarette smoking even makes it into the news about the presidential contest displays the essential triviality that defines America today. Supposedly there are massive problems that need to be addressed by the next president. Smoking, obviously, is not one of those problems. People, non-smoking or not, could care less about tobacco. Its elevation into politics and culture is due only to the economic interests of those who want to promote the sale of smoking cessation snake oil. It’s disturbing that Obama has bought and is using the snake oil when it would be far better for him both politically and morally to keep smoking those cigarettes rather than debasing himself by becoming a Nicorette advertisement.



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