Honour Committee member Pierre Lemieux comments on yet another manifestation of the sick mentality of the contemporary state: its compulsive addiction to control.

The spark is, this time, the most recent health scare in Canada: listeriosis. Unlike “smoking-related” diseases, here the causality is real, and not attributed through epidemiological junk science. Nevertheless, the points that Pierre makes are powerful and worthy of reflection. Once again they concern the grotesquely unlimited political and executive powers that “public health” authorities have concentrated into their hands.

“These exorbitant powers are not new. The Meat Inspection Act dates from 1985, the first regulations were adopted in 1990, and the CFIA was created in 1997. How terrible the situation must have been before!”

Indeed. We all know that, before then, Canadians were dropping like flies because of stuff like listeriosis and other meat-transmitted diseases… It was an epidemic!… Can any of you remember that? We sure cannot.

Pierre goes on: “I have not talked about the other 50 laws and regulations administered by the CFIA. I have not mentioned the powers of the new Canadian Public Health Agency, born from a bill introduced by the Liberals in 2005 and then reintroduced and adopted by the Conservatives in 2006. Nor have I delved into the powers of provincial public health bureaucracies. Remember, they can stop a train in the middle of nowhere and detain everybody on board.”

The fact that, in spite of all that Nazi power, there has been an outbreak of listeriosis should tell the politicians that giving unlimited powers to “public health” does not achieve the idiotic goal of zero risk. Faced with that harsh reality, the intelligent politician therefore should abrogate those powers with obvious gains in liberty, freedom of enterprise and especially savings for the public pocket, as the public health monster is not a cheap pet to keep fed.

We apologize to our readers for having spoken nonsense when we said “intelligent politician” – an entity that, obviously, cannot exist. In all fairness, an intelligent public should avoid to vote today to prevent the election of idiotic politicians, as their colour seems to make no difference – and perhaps motivate the rare, intelligent politician to come forward. Intelligent public: mmhhh… have we spoken nonsense again? Probably – at least judging by the number of people who have bought the line that "smoking kills".

Be that as it may, what is instead the reaction of the Canadian state? Well, it is the reaction that every convinced control freak should have when something does not work: more control, more oppression. To the totalitarian mind, in fact, failure never means ineffectiveness of oppression, as oppression is the reason for that mind’s existence, thus an absolute value. Rather, failure means that oppression has not yet been exerted with sufficient ferocity, and that there is still some liberty infesting society. Thus the machine needs more tight power of control, as absolute control is the means to achieve perfection – in our case, zero risk.

In fact, here it comes:

“Reacting to the listeriosis outbreak, the Prime Minister declared that ‘[i]t’s necessary to reform and revamp our food — and product — inspection after some years of neglect’. The Agriculture Minister boasted that the CFIA, which has hired 200 additional inspectors since the Conservatives took office, will hire 58 more this year.”

Nobody wishes, of course, to have listeriosis served on a dish. But that is not the point. The point is that the tyrannical power of the “public health” institutions cannot stop outbreaks such as that of listeriosis – even with a million Gestapo officers unleashed around the country. Canadians (and, unfortunately, not only Canadians) have been lead to believe that liberty is dangerous, and to trust the idiotic notion that an absolute state guarantees absolute security (or at least better security).

That is wrong.

It is wrong because, as Pierre says at the beginning of his piece: “Occasionally, planes crash, cars collide, and listeriosis kills.” Replace planes, cars and listeriosis with anything you like, even smoking: the same law applies. Zero risk and total security – along with guaranteed long, healthy life – is the chimera of the idiot and the goal of the fool. That is something that the Fascists, the Soviets and the Nazis never understood. That is why they all failed. That is why the Therapeutic Prevention State will also fail – and that’s the good news.

The bad news is that, before and during that failure, an endless number of nameless people will suffer unspeakable pain, unreported by soul-less media, corrupt to the power of authority.



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