Good news for a change: some eight Ontario branches of the Canadian Lung Association are shutting down. That counts for almost 50% of the branches in that province. The Canadian Lung Association is instrumental in the denormalization of smokers and the spreading of the antismoking disinformation.

Lack of donations choke the organization: “Eight of 20 community offices are being shut down to help make up for a loss of $500,000 to $700,000 in donations.” What the article fails to mention is that a sizeable amount of the donors was constituted by smokers.
The collapse of donations is a sign that the public in general and smokers in particular no longer have faith in “charities” that exceed their mandate by entering political arenas such as behaviour control and smoking bans. As the awareness of the epidemiological frauds on active and passive smoking expands, the trend of decline of organizations misrepresenting questionable statistical evidence (which does not even say what the organizations claim) increases.
Smokers react as correctly to the Canadian Lung Association as they are to smoking ban: they keep the money for themselves. Many smokers have even retracted their organ donations – another way to fight a “public health” that demonizes them and denies the medical care they are forced to pay for.

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