It sounds just, it sounds fair, it sounds egalitarian and exciting, but it’s a trap – yet another trap.

As C.A.G.E. Canada explains, levelling the playing field does not mean offering to all the same opportunities. Conversely, it means governments subtracting opportunities from all in the same measure to implement a quasi-Communist economic regime, and Nazi-like social behaviour controls.

It is the tool advocated by fanatic activists, corrupt health institutions, and governments, to implement smoking bans and impose other behaviours by using equal violence against all. They call it justice. Some fools seemingly have a need to believe this. They accept brutality in equal measure as justice. Justice it is, if you simply ignore the brutality, or when it’s pointed out, deny it.

Level playing fields are advocated by spineless dogs who will take the whip along with the other dogs, because they don’t have what it takes, to jump at the throats of their abusive masters. Level playing fields are cozy sanctuaries for idiots who would call tyranny "fair play." The fools and cowards want to fit in. They choose to become part of the tyranny to fit in. Level playing fields are the delight of masochists.

"What will it take for people to understand that the more you ask of government, the more you restrain free will and the free market this is never good news, neither for economy nor freedom?" C.A.G.E. asks. We dare answering by reading the book of history: economic depression, poverty, hunger.

Somebody cynically described the nameless "average citizen" as mainly a stomach defined by two orifices, with a little appendix called the brain to regulate the stomach’s functions. All other functions are incidental. Hence, when the stomachs are empty, liberty is rediscovered in the hope to fill them, and the quest for a new master dispensing new level playing fields will start again.

By looking at the behaviour of the "average citizen," and the media and the governments that are supposed to represent him, it is hard to disagree with that definition.

God save us from the nauseating idiocy of level playing fields!



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