Just a few days ago we reported on the shameful harassment of smokers in the streets of London by antismoking operatives. Disgusting? Yes, of course it is. But just when you thought that we have hit the bottom, the bottom falls out.

That is because we keep making the same mistake over and over. We ask questions such as: “When will it end?" "How far will they go?” The questions imply the hope that it will magically end, somehow, perhaps because the public health enterprise will stop itself because of its own sense of justice and respect for freedom. Yeah, sure. Both questions and hopes are wrong and self-delusional. Public health is an evil machine that – literally – intends to rule the world, proposing the Faustian deal of long life and good health in exchange for eternal subjugation. Public health will not stop unless we make it stop — with force, because reason and dialogue cannot work with a machine.

You may quit smoking to avoid the persecution. Public health will follow you with your drinking. You stop drinking, and you will be persecuted because you are fat. You lean out, and public health will tell you what car to drive – and so on ad infinitum. And behind public health there is Big Pharma and its ambitions of total, transnational control. There will be no escape – ever – unless public health and what it has become is destroyed — no matter the cost, no matter the means.

Still don’t believe that it will never stop? Still trying to delude yourself and look the other way? Not a problem: public health is looking for you. Try this umpteenth example for size: this article from Junkfood Science speaks, once again, of the UK.

“Imagine shopping at the mall or supermarket and someone wearing a bright-colored vest approaches to talk to you about your being fat and wants to measure your waist. Would you be happy to discuss your weight with a stranger and welcome the unsolicited diet and exercise advice?”

“A TEAM of NHS nurses is patrolling Scotland’s streets to target pot-bellied members of the public and tell them how to lose weight. Armed with measuring tapes to check waists and equipment to test blood pressure, the "Street Nurses" are policing busy shopping centres, supermarkets and community centres… The move is part of a scheme by NHS Ayrshire and Arran to target members of the public in its most deprived areas… If they spot someone who looks overweight they will approach them and strike up a conversation about their health, inviting them to have a ‘rapid nursing assessment’…”

Fat people, like smokers, get measured and pronged like cattle. The appropriate, convincing and on-the-spot response should be, after one warning, to get the nurse to need a nurse. …But hey, they love you! How can you be so selfish, inhuman, addicted and aggressive?… What kind of monster are you?? They love you – that’s why they harass you, measure you, tell you what to do, scare you, lie to you. They want you to be well, as happiness is control. Face it: it’s all around you, more and more every day, everywhere.

What are you prepared to do other than whining and exchanging gloomy e-mails with your friends? A hint to the right answer is that you have done that for many years already. The results of that “fight” are all around you: smoking bans everywhere, fat police, total surveillance, alcohol baloons to inflate at the corner of every street. The list never ends and grows every day.

Just complaining and writing about it has not worked. It does not work. It will not work. Nobody is listening where it matters because they don’t want to listen — again: they don’t want to listen. Surrender. Hide. Obey. Conform, every day more. Accept that public health owns you: it can control your future, your earnings, your thoughts, your role in society; the car you drive, the food you eat, the liquid you drink, how you spend your free time. How you raise your children; in fact – make no mistake about that – public health owns them too. Soon there will be no sanctuary left on Earth: it will all be the same, no matter where you go. You will be squashed by a consensus imposed at gun point, and the war against choice will be won in the name of health and safety.

You don’t like what you read? You want to kill Big Brother before he squashes you? Good! Then do what it takes – organize and educate people for action, subscribe, help and support already exististing organizations such as ours (instead of creating yet again another one-person group; strenght is in numbers!), so that physical resistance and power can be exerted everywhere against these tyrants. In short, be prepared to pay the price of freedom instead of just talking about freedom.

The alternative is obedience.



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