Italian correspondent Gian Turci sends us this thought-provoking piece about a new club in the UK, that may well become the pub or club of the future, given the dystopian reality we are experiencing in these times. It’s a whiners’ club!

Get into the club and leave your dignity at its doorstep (where you’ll have to leave off smoking.) Inside you will be able to moan, cry, and “get things off your chest” to your heart’s content, so you can smilingly abide and obey the nanny state and its health Gestapo, all the days of your life. Just "vent," just a little, strictly legally, in the confined quarters of the club, and you’ll find it easier to conform in general. If you cry enough you may even delude yourself and imagine that you are a fighter! Yes, your whining must be smoke-free, but at least, so long as you pay for the beer you cry in, you’ll be free to gripe about most anything at the Grumpy Club. Perhaps that is as much "liberation" as you’re willing to pay for.

How low have we fallen.

Click on the link below to read Gian’s article.



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