When we state that antitobacco is Nazism, it is still not taken seriously, perhaps because it is too ugly to face. Please read this article – and consider the implications. There is a "superior" race, the non smokers. There is an "inferior" race, the smoker — and, please, don’t dismiss that right off. In the 21st century race no longer relates to skin colour, but seems to be defined by personal habits, so it is more akin to religion. The only "benefit" of contemporary discrimination is that those habits can be changed as much as personal religion can. The change of the religion will make you compliant with the “master race” and, in that case, you can “graduate” to master race level. Isn’t that generous and socially "advanced"?

So, as we said, we have an inferior and a superior religion. The latter is superior because of the trash science (the passive smoking “dangers”) that has been created not to be argued with, examined and disregarded if faulty. It has been created for the sole purpose of providing the appropriate empowerment for the the master religion followers to do whatever they see fit to the followers of the inferior religion.

Exactly as happened in Nazi Germany, there comes a point when it is not even necessary to turn to the junk science as justification, because enough social and jurisprudential structure is in place. Yesterday, all it took was to point a finger to a Jew. Today, all it takes is to point a finger to a smoker. Tomorrow, all that it will take is just to point a finger.

As should be apparent from this article, proofs of alleged harm or danger are no longer necessary. Just a neighbour’s personal preference and intolerance is sufficient to get a restraining order. "All Nancy and Chuck Sanders wanted was their downstairs neighbor to quit smoking near their home on Cottonwood Circle", says the opening paragraph of the article. It sounds like a small, reasonable request that does not ask for much, doesn’t it? Just as small as that of the poor Aryans in pre-Hitler German. After all, all they wanted was not to be exposed to the damaging, passive prayers of the Rabbi next door. They just wanted a safety distance.

Now you are ready to read the article. We cannot wish you a happy reading, so we wish you a sad one – in the hope that more and more people wake up from apathy and cowardice, and decide to destroy the Nazi state with all that is necessary, wherever they are.



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