This article is full of incorrect or false information. It caters to ideology and false antismoking moralism but it is still recommended reading. Why? Because it depicts a bittersweet revenge on a Satanic deal: the Master Settlement Agreement, now ten years old. Let’s get the false information out of the way, first, to make a clean slate for the rest.

Bob Sullivan, the author of the piece, falsely represents Goliath as Big Tobacco and the states that sued it as David. It is obvious to all that the resources of the state/pharmaceutical tandem are limitless, while “Goliath” sells 11 times less than Big Pharma alone. Aggressors always presented themselves as disadvantaged heroes to elicit support.

Second false information administered by Sullivan: “For the first time, fewer than 20 percent of American adults are smoking, new government statistics show.” That is not true. Firstly because the official statistics are a state fraud, as they do not keep into account the thriving contraband; they are designed to con you into the belief that “hey, the majority has quit, so join the majority because the majority is always right.” Our readers are smarter than that.

Second, the 20% that Sullivan mentions refers to the entire population – not just to the adult population. It may be true that a lot of idiots have quit smoking because they believe the frauds and ideology of corrupt health authorities – but no, don’t worry: America has not fallen that low (in every sense of the word); at least, not yet.

With the major BS out of the way, we can now state with confidence, based on Sullivan’s article, that any responsible American who still loves his country must keep on smoking, convince others to smoke, or take up smoking immediately: to save his nation from bankruptcy.

“It’s a stunning reversal: The lawsuit designed to cut the legs out from under the tobacco industry has instead landed much of America – often unwittingly – in the industry’s corner.”

The article becomes particularly interesting when it says that the more you applaud smoking bans, the more you lose money – from your bonds and to your pension. Smoking bans are economically devastating not only for pubs and restaurants, but for everybody else too, if they indeed induce too many fools to quit.

It is a sweet revenge, you must admit. An extortion deal concocted by criminal minds to extort 200 billion dollars and more fom a legitimate industry’s hard-working customers, based on blatant scientific frauds and on neo-Nazi propaganda, turns out to be devastating for the very same criminals who concocted it.

The outcome is as Satanic as the deal was: if the fraudulent antismoking propaganda induces the weak to quit, or if the smoking bans have the “success” the fanatics hope for, massive bankruptcy will result. Ditto if the antismoking criminals manage to get rid of the tobacco industry altogether, because the imbecile states that concocted the extortion have already spent the MSA cheques that are supposed to be forthcoming long into the future.

Conversely, everybody has to hope that smoking will become more popular and smoking bans must be fought to the death – but in that case the state would have to admit that it has lied for 30 years on the effects of smoking on health, and it would have to punish some scapegoats who now are heralded as national heroes for careers of fraud and deception.

If only smokers could understand the power they have! Now more than ever, they can bankrupt their state, demand and obtain, punish the culprits, smoke in the face of the “public health” Nazis and have their way again. All they have to do is what pubic health wants them to do: quit or just reduce smoking, and they would put the Nazis on their knees.

Unfortunately, smokers are still victims of 30 years of frauds and brainwashing propaganda. If it serves as any consolation, those who have designed the Master Settlement Agreement are now victims of their own dirty deal – except for a few lawyers, of course, who are enjoying the hundreds of millions that they have stolen from the pockets of poor people.

It is true: all the deals of the devil end up being sour – and the above is proof of that. It is also true that some crooks do indeed get away with their crimes. The rich lawyers who have stolen from millions of smokers are proof of that.

Happy reading. Light up a cigarette – and be happy to be part of the intelligent minority that supports your nation!



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