Anti, in the press report linked with here, admits that denying “cultural heritage” is “pretty ridiculous", but Anti is always ridiculous, and just can’t stop becoming ever more so. That’s the way of fanaticism. Crazed ideology is false perspective on reality. By its nature it denies reality. We recently commented on another in a long line of anti-smoking’s photographic air-brushings. This move, which took place in Paris, was much ridiculed. Naturally, therefore, it’s being immediately repeated. Air-brushing reality out of all history, a compulsive habit of twentieth century ideologues, is inevitably carried on by anti-smoking advocates, the empowered psychotics of our own sick era.

Those who are immune to anti-smoking schizophrenia typically find the thinking of its victims astonishing and inscrutable. The key to understanding the crazies is placing logic on its head. Anti-smoking exists because smoking exists. Therefore, to anti-smokers, smoking cannot exist. Not now. Not ever. That is undeniably and supremely ridiculous, thus true, and resultantly, all evidence of smoking either present or past must be erased, so as accurately to reflect massively insane misperception.

The anti-smokers follow illogic of this sort faithfully, under orders from the voices in their heads, the same voices that chant, “Secondhand smoke kills.” Point out to the psychos that the voices exist only in their heads, that their mumbled messages are ridiculous, that they substitute unreality for reality, and standing defenseless, the zealots may have to agree, but that does not stop them from listening to the loony echoes in their skulls, and carrying on ever crazier all the time. They don’t stop. They can’t.

So it goes, on and on as it has gone, for decades now. There is a new film coming out in France about socialite and perfume magnate Coco Chanel. The reality: “Chanel was 87 when she died in 1971, despite smoking several packets of cigarettes a day for most of her life. It is rare to find photos of her without a cigarette.”

Billboards advertising the film therefore showed the actress who portrays Coco smoking, not any particular brand mind you, simply and naturally with cigarette in hand. Advertising of cigarettes is proscribed, so Paris authorities deemed that this depiction could be construed as “free advertising” of an “unhealthy and inappropriate” reality they just can’t bear to see, and thus, explaining that “the law came before historical accuracy”, demanded that the posters be removed. They will accept new posters provided that these depict Miss Chanel, in conformance with unreality, sans cigarette.

Ridiculous, of course, ever more, on and on, that’s the way of fanaticism.



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