Carry A. Nation 1846-1911

The axe-wielding insanity of this Mother of all Nannies ushered in the worst time of our Nation’s history – Prohibition. She went to her grave in June, 1911, dying isolated and dirt poor in Leavenworth, Kansas.

Carry Nation’s evangelistic zeal included speaking out against the evils of drink, tobacco and women’s immodest dress (whatever that was). She prayed, threw bricks, rocks and other objects into private properties, and then turned to using a hatchet!

As her religious convictions sharpened she began to experience visions and a sense of divine protection. (Religiosity is part and parcel of the Paranoid Schizophrenic) and one has to wonder if she suffered from same.

The social hysteria inflicted upon us today by modern Nannies carries exactly the same sort of insanity and zeal as previously displayed by this person of questionable mental stability.

It is no wonder she died alone and in poverty. Who would want to be associated with such a miserable woman?



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