As with all propaganda from totalitarian or aspiring totalitarian regimes, the first mandate is to suppress any indication of a revolt. The antismoking bastards are no exception to that rule.
As C.A.G.E. Canada reports, Mr. Dave Brown from the Ottawa Citizen describes how he was thrown out of the Carlingview Manor, a long-term care facility, when he attempted to interview a perfectly lucid 60 year old smoker who assumed leadership of a fight for a smoking room for the forty smokers in the facility. Mr. Brown managed to get the story anyway, and he brings the horror story to the public’s attention, and shame on the legislators of the Smoke Free Ontario Act for having created such a barbaric situation. The elderly are put in serious danger when left unattended in the cold to smoke. Their constitutional rights, their dignity, and their very lives have been lost to tyrannical house rules in these homes.

The Canadian antismoking regime, who kill in the name of the institutional epidemiological fraud of passive smoking, rely on their instutional cohorts to endorse their murders. They have every reason to fear public scrutiny. Just within the last ten days they have killed two elderly people; the two stories are here, and here. The quintessential outrage is that they’ll probably get away with it. Antitobacco policies are a licence to kill in the name of “saving lives”.

Widespread ignorance or apathy are well described in the comments of C.A.G.E.:

“Will Mr. Delahunt have the same fate as the other four known Canadians who, dare we say, were murdered by such an irresponsible, inhuman legislation? Is this the type of society the rest of us want for our retirement years? Where is the outrage from the relatives of these seniors? Where is the outrage from the public?”

The names of the four known people murdered by Canadian "public health" follow; clicking on the hyperlink will lead you to the stored copies of the articles covering their deaths.

Mr. Bill Leblanc
Mr. Barry Collen
Mr. Murray Miles Patterson
Mr. Eric Whitehouse

The homicidal reign of antitobacco criminals shall not last forever. Public outrage is belatedly stewing. That is why the “public health” murderers want this under the hat: the fewer who know about their killing spress, the longer they may continue them, free from all consequence. Surely they have warded off justice but justice must and shall find its way. Eventually all will know. Institutionalized murder shall be forcibly stopped and criminals shall pay. Smokers are humans, with rights, including the right to smoke. Their humanity, dignity, and rights will be recognized when sufficient force is brought to bear against the vicious and disgusting regime of antitobacco.

Click here for the stored copy of the article of Mr. Brown from the Ottawa Citizen.



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