This is an interesting poll that may indicate a shift in the public opinion, and against lifestyle persecution. But that is not the main reason why we report this to our readers.

Before getting to the main reason for our posting, here is a summation of what the poll says.

The most interesting part of the poll is the curve between 2003 and 2007. Bump UP in 2006, but sudden and unexpected bump DOWN in 2007. Why that drop? Because the net has been spreading wider — as in wider than "just smokers"– and maybe folks are starting to see that they too may be caught?… Or maybe it is because more people are fat — and are personally threatened? Or that the health police have finally gotten too strident and there’s signs of a burgeoning general rebellion? Or maybe that the question’s no longer hypothetical; it’s happening more and more.

And now let’s go to the core of the matter. The main reason for this posting is to show how certain concepts are instilled in the head of the people even through polls. Read any question – let’s take one at random:

"People who have healthy lifestyles, don’t smoke, exercise frequently and control their weight tend to incur fewer healthcare costs than people with unhealthy lifestyles. Do you think it would be fair or unfair…?"

The concept projected is that smoking is “unhealthy”, and that being overweight is also “unhealthy”, thus smokers and ‘fatsos’ “cost” more. And, in fact, here it is: "Healthy lifestyles were described as not smoking, exercising frequently and controlling one’s weight".

Just a moment: major mass-studies of the past (now thoroughly suppressed because contrary to the ideological healthist doctrine – click here for an example) have clearly demonstrated that non smokers and ex-smokers make greater use of medicare and health facilities than smokers – and not for prevention, but for therapy reasons. Other mass-studies have demonstrated that people who are overweight (and not morbidly obese) have longer and healthier lives than those who religiously deprive themselves of the joys of eating in the name of the health god.

Of course those studies are utterly ignored to push the ideology. By defining as “healthy lifestyle” the abstention from smoking and eating what one likes, in fact, the false concept that “abstention is good” gets promoted in the name of false prevention.

It follows that, regardless of the results, polls still manage to push the false healthist ideology on people by stating as a given that smoking and overweight is “unhealthy”, so that the recipient takes the notion as normal and true.

We don’t accuse this particular poll of doing so, as at least it cares to give the definition of "healthy" lifestyle. Nevertheless, that is how the cultural fraud on smoking was established – and now it’s the turn of food and alcohol. In reality, abstention is no good, for all is to be enjoyed — in moderation.

Don’t fall for the trick – and especially, make others aware of this insidious technique, designed to engineer your mind on the beliefs of “public health”. By expressing a concept as given, they condition you to believe that it is true.



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