"The National Child Measurement Programme"; – No it’s not the opening line to an update on Orwellian society, it is official government policy in today’s Britain… Every year school children between the ages of 10 and 11 have their vital statistics recorded and stored in a central database; Her Majesty’s Government deems this necessary as a "useful vehicle for engaging with children and families about healthy lifestyles and weight issues."

The National Obesity Observatory has, on behalf of the Cross-Government Obesity Unit (I promise I am not making this up), produced a guidance document for Public Health Observatories (PHOs) that want to undertake regional analysis of the National Child Measurement programme national dataset.

A leaflet, reproduced in 15 languages, tells parents to "Establish good habits and routines early on" and to "Lead by example", healthy parents have healthy children! and of course don’t forget to "Resist the temptation to give your child sweets or chocolate", Heaven forbid!

All children should be active for a minimum of 1 hour a day and their time spent in front of a computer should be limited to 2 hours maximum, they should spend their time playing and running around outside, whatever the weather and should be praised for doing so.

In the release (stored copy) this week by the U.K. Department of Health they concluded by saying; –

"This national movement for change will enable every citizen in the country at every stage of their lives to get the encouragement and support they need to be healthy – from what they see on the television, to what they buy in the local supermarket, to the resources at their disposal in the local community, to how they travel to and from work or school, to the information and advice they get from health professionals.

The Government is calling on everyone – from the smallest community keep fit class to the biggest retailers in the land – to join in this campaign to change the way people in England live their lives."

Like they say; every aspect of your life will be scrutinised so that you can be "encouraged" to be healthy, from peering into your childrens lunch boxes to what you are permitted to see on television and from how you get to work to what you pick up from the supermarket shelf. A "campaign to change the way people in England live their lives" is merlely dressing up the reality of what that really means – legislation and regulation to force mass social engineering.

People refused to give up smoking so they denormalised smokers and made it increasingly difficult to smoke anywhere; now they refuse to eat their ‘five a day’ so the denormalisation begins again, Ronald MacDonald can no longer advertise to children and further ‘fast food’ advertisements look set to be banned, pizza’s will likely become ‘top shelf’ items in supermarkets and Headmistresses are to wag their fingers disapprovingly at your child if they do not meet the states criteria for health.

The message sounds all too familiar. Your body belongs to your leader. It is your duty to be healthy!



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