FORCES International’s columnist Dr. John Luik exposes the umpteenth fraud on smoking by England’s public health authorities: what decrease in heart attacks?

“Even though it is a bit early for the season of miracles, readers of the UK Daily Mail were treated to one last month when the paper reported, just in time for the one-year anniversary of England’s public smoking ban, that the smoking ban had ‘cut the number of heart attacks by more than 40 per cent at some hospitals’”, says John, as published at Spiked on Line (stored version).

There is still more to the fraudulent propaganda of England’s health authorities. Not only has there been a decrease of 40% in health attacks, the gangsters say, but furthermore the smoking ban has already “saved” 40,000 lives and induced 400,000 (400,000!) smokers to quit. *

The public health fraudsters of Cancer Research UK tout effects of England’s smoking ban on cessation rates, but refuse to release the study. Michael Siegel has the rest of the story (stored version). Why do they refuse to release the study? Some of the reasons are described by Siegel, and we have one more – simple, clear and to the point – that Siegel does not openly mention.

It is a blatant fraud – yet another statistical fraud circulated by a revolting institution, which is what public health has become all over the world. If properly investigated by independent parties with executive powers, those people would face trials and the long jail terms they deserve. Tobacco Control is an industry of frauds, led by practiced liars, and implemented by corrupt doctors and bureaucrats. Today’s "public health" institutions no longer deserve any credibility or respect. Such institutions only deserve an outright war that has their dismantling as a goal, along with the punishment of their leaders.

Further explanation and comments on those frauds can be seen in this article by Keith Waterhouse (stored version), that does not even consider the ever increasing contraband due to criminal taxation, that makes any calculation of current smoking rates impossible in the first place.

Keep on smoking. Keep on fighting. Take the bastards head-on. We will win this war against fraud and evil. Help the organizations who fight, such as FORCES and Freedom to Choose. McCarthy was defeated, Tobacco Control and its healthist ideology will be defeated too. Their true colours are showing more clearly every day.
* Incidentally, this is the same number used by Silvio Berlusconi right after the smoking ban implementation in Italy in 2005. The figure turned out to be false, of course, and the consumption of tobacco in Italy has not changed at all, according to the precise numbers concerning the production and distribution of cigarettes by the centralized ETI (Ente Tabacchi Italiani), which is one of the best in the world for precision of record keeping. The corrupt Italian public health authorities have a most amusing explanation for that, as they state that indeed smokers have quit and many keep on quitting… it is just that those who keep on smoking smoke more and more!



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