A fat man has gone to great lengths to be allowed into New Zealand. The question is why.

“Progressive” eugenically-based immigration restrictions in the USA and elsewhere denied sanctuary to Jews begging for rescue from Hitler’s fortschrittlich (progressive) eugenically-based Judenfrei (Jew-free) policies. At the behest of today’s eugenicists, the government of New Zealand is now refusing immigration to persons it considers unfit for residence within the Health Reich (link) (stored link). Fighting the Obesity Epidemic spokeswoman and endocrinologist Robyn Toomath explains to the press that toleration of the fat by the thin, formerly known as civility, is now simply illogical. This is progress. This is freedom: “freedom from” – alcohol-free, smoke-free, fat-free – has replaced “freedom to” with the advent of the New Order in New Zealand.

Englishman Richard Trezise is among the latest humiliated victims of the New Zealand Master Race. Though a highly-skilled worker, his stomach was too big, to be allowed residence in the new Valhalla. Opting to salute the dictates of the Reich, Trezise went on a crash diet, losing two inches from his waistline. The gestapo snorted Mister Trezise its sanction but has now denied entry to his overweight wife. So he has left her. He says if she does not slim down by Christmas he will return in defeat to Britain for good.

Trezise seems confident that Britain will permit his return to its society, or will not haul his wife away to a fat farm in the interim, or him if he heads back there. Eugenically logical policies have a way of expanding, you see, particularly when they are saluted by “law-abiding citizens” such as Richard Trezise. Should he remain in New Zealand, likely Richard will again coöperate, and perhaps dutifully inform, when tobacco smokers are sent to jail (link). Or perhaps he’ll do that back in Britain, when the same thing happens there, just a few years later. What will he do, though, if his waistline does not keep shrinking in accordance with ever-tightening laws? Will he seek sanctuary in the USA? Now there’s a belly-laugh.



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