When we say that current “public health” is solely based on fraud and that it has become an international enterprise run by professional criminals we are not exaggerating. Proof now comes in daily.
It has now become a predictable bureaucratic procedure to run a trash “study” on the decrease of hospitalizations for heart attacks after a fraud-based smoking ban appears in a country. In other words, the health “authorities” of that country — who imposed the smoking bans on the basis of fraudulent science to create smoking cessation and antidepressant markets for the pharmaceutical multinationals that lobby their governments — want to reinforce a fraud by using another fraud.

It follows that the only language health “authorities” can speak to the public today is that of deception. The aggravation of the problem is that the same "authorities" often end up believing their own bullshit and building prohibition and pseudo-cultures on those frauds. This is entrenched by now. These prevaricating and self-deluding monsters must be forcibly rebelled against, deposed, eventually tried and punished.

The latest trash study, a product of a recent type of fraudulent methodology initiated by conman extraordinaire Stanton Glantz, comes from France. Guess what: since the smoking ban, heart attack hospitalizations have decreased by 15 percent. This is pure pap! The core of the message is the same all the time: “People, believe that passive smoking is hazardous to health! BELIEVE IT — here is another study [fraud] to prove it!"

The “public health” professional felons have a psychology inherited from their fascist German and Italian predecessors: enough lies make the truth — in this case, producing the same statistical fraud in many countries. Without even checking, we can think of Scotland, Italy, Canada, Ireland, and the United States (in several locations, such as Helena and Pueblo.)

The "critical" Tobacco Control advocate Michael Siegel has carved a niche for himself in debunking the "heart attack trick" over and over as it gets played over and over. Doctor Siegel may never recover from antitobacco propaganda indoctrination but the extreme absurdity of this particular bit of nonsense suggests to him that his movement has gone frothing mad. Antitobacco has in fact been viciously fanatical for decades. We hope one day Doctor Siegel gets that. In the meantime he says (emphasis added):

“This is really getting ridiculous, and out of control. The days of tobacco control science appear to be over. Now, it appears to be just a public relations game. This appears to be the strategy:

Where a smoking ban has gone into effect, conduct a quick, shoddy analysis of heart attack trends.
Since heart attack rates are declining almost universally, you are pretty much assured of finding a decline in heart attacks after the implementation of the smoking ban.
Release your finding and your conclusion immediately via press release.
Do not bother to wait until your results have been peer reviewed or published before announcing your conclusions to the public.
Do not make your methods and results readily available for public scrutiny.
If it is later discovered and pointed out that your conclusion was invalid because you failed to account for underlying secular trends in heart attacks or random variation in the underlying trend, or if later analyses fail to bear out your conclusions, it won’t matter because the results have already been widely disseminated and have become part of the popular knowledge about the topic.

I would point out that based on my long experience in tobacco control, this was not previously the modus operandi. In the "old" days, we were very hesitant to release findings to the public before the study had been peer reviewed."

Well … we will not engage Michael on these details here … but we are sure that he will agree on one point: when all moral boundaries are broken and crime not only gets unpunished but it is even lavishly rewarded, the perpetrators get bolder all the time.

Which leaves us with a question: what are we prepared to do to, forcefully and immediately, to stop this?



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