Gian Turci puts on the guise of an antismoker for this session of the Round Table. His debating partner, Winston Smith, is an admirer and collaborator of FORCES.
Antitobacco is under strict command to avoid any debate with our side (“the debate is over," though really, it never happened.) On the other hand the mass-media, that always cater to the minimum public IQ denominator and to political correctness, seem to feel they should show some sort of token debate — while making certain that the smokers’ side loses all the time. That is done by either cherry-picking weak representatives, by giving disproportionate time allowance to the prohibitionists, and/or by insuring that the host is a fierce supporter of the Healthist ideology. All in all the duty of the press, as they see it, is to make smokers look bad.

What our side needs to understand is that, for the Healthist ideology and the mass-media that fawns upon it, fairness and equal opportunity to smokers is not acceptable by definition. That is because the process of criminalization of the smoking citizen equates the smoker to an intolerable wrongdoer. Would you accept a mass-media show that gives equal time to the police and to the crooks that the police try to catch? Probably not, as the fight against crime is not expected to be a “fair fight” with the criminals — and as smokers become more “criminal” every day, the debate is over, and it is "right" that the fight is not fair!

Fortunately, at FORCES Multimedia we have the big microphone, and we use it to impose the fair debate that both antis and mass-media are ordered to prevent by their pharmaceutical sponsors and the health “authorities." As Gian has spent a good part of his life studying the warped architecture of the Healthist mind and ideology, he offered himself to defend the prohibitionist side in this original debate. Winston Smith defends our side.

We are sure that both friends and foes will recognise themselves in this debate. Many defenders of choice and freedom find it quite difficult to “wear the other shoe," so to speak, to take on the debating stance of the opposition, because “we are not like them.” In fact enacting the role of an antismoker is not that difficult. As Gian explains before starting the debate, “Let me devoid myself of one layer of the brain — the one that is known as the cerebral cortex — and let me access directly the reptile part of it, which deals with the basic emotions of fear, aggressiveness, and ‘predatoriness’ that are required for this kind of discussion … so, let me ask you something, Winston, right off the bat: what gives you the damn right to kill me?…”

Get a pack of smokes and a beer and enjoy this audio-only debate: you may even delude yourself that you are living in a free country once again. In the tradition of the Round Table, nothing of what you are going to hear has been scripted. It is all improvised and spontaneous.

Please click the link below to hear the debate (an audio-only presentation.)



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