We conclude here the series of the six videos by Phil Williams started last Friday. Click here for the presentation of the series and for the other three videos.

Here are the remaining episodes.

4 – The Crumbling Empire – The Minister of Propaganda gloats on the invasion of the free world by the antismoking Nazi army, but…

5 – Uncensored Mail – The Minister of Propaganda continues to be harassed and be called a “bastard” by a certain guy on the Internet, the free and uncontrollable medium of the 21st century, and complains about his Nazi Antismoking League’s losing ground.

6 – The Sinking Ship – Stanton calls the Minister of Propaganda about being called a “complete ass.” The Minister complains about the Antismoking League’s sinking ship, and revises his career. Is jail waiting for him? He consoles himself by smoking a cigarette, and wishes that he could make amends – but it’s too late for that – jail will be his next home!

This concludes the 6-episode series. We are all working hard all over the world to make the Minister of Propaganda’s words come true.



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