The umpteenth “public health” fraud on passive smoking and heart attack has been exposed, but this will change nothing, and copycat frauds will keep appearing elsewhere, because smoking prohibition has nothing to do with health in the first place.

Furthermore, the mass media are doing their best to ignore the fraud and protect instead the criminal enterprise of the “public health” authorities. That is to further the beliefs that “smoking is bad” and “tobacco is harmful in any form" promoted by the WHO, the World Hoax Organization.

The issue, as we know, is exquisitely political, and intended to pave the way to a mentality of social control, which facilitates the interests of the pharmaceutical multinationals which in turn have “public health” institutions in their pockets. Institutional corruption and prostitution is therefore the real issue here, never mind smoking.

It is therefore necessary to fight that corruption with rebellion, disobedience and at any rate politically – for no debate or blatant demonstration of fraud will change anything. We must, in spite of mass-media blockage, get the message to the masses that they are being repeatedly and colossally defrauded. Still more fundamentally: we must display the will and the courage to fight.

Having said what must be said, this article from the British hospitality trade publication the Publican echoes other sources in reporting that there has been no miraculous drop in heart attacks in Scotland after the ban. The “drop” was just a normal fluctuation, and the study was nothing but political junk science, as we have noted (link) and as Michael Siegel discusses in his blog (link) (stored link). The “public health” institutions have lied again on smoking.

The problem is institutional. The solution must be forcefully political.



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