Journalist Craig Westover draws bare a bodkin to skewer anti-smoking fanaticism.
In tribute to the Minnesota "Theatre Night" movement, Craig Westover evokes the Immortal Bard, displaying the mixed elements of the princes and fools who seek to murder truth and freedom.

The cast includes Minnesotan technocrats Ron Latz and Dave Thune, Doctor Brian Rank ("a bleeder of men"), and freedom fighters Sue Jeffers and Mark Benjamin, amongst others.

The esteemed physician declares of "secondhand smoke": "In mere seconds it will kill you dead / And therefore is something all should dread."

The fool is perplexed but the prince proclaims: "’Tis science, Clown! One need not know. One need but accept."

The ending of this playlet is in the true tragickall tradition but life need not imitate art.

Take heed and take arms.

The game’s afoot.



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