The big, bad tobacco industry, omnipotent though it is (according to Anti), has sure met its match in Australia.
Despite anti-tobacco’s propaganda efforts to continue representing what has long been a flaccid target as some titan of political and financial power, Big Tobacco as we know threw in the towel years ago, and is now a pussy-cat whose fondest hope is to once in a while receive a soothing scratch on its ear from bug-eyed Anti. Having ham-handedly ceded every contest with the anti-smoking movement in Australia years ago, it now provides no more than an occasional illusion of opposition to the well-oiled juggernaut of Healthist social control.

New South Wales wants to ban smoking in cars when children are passengers and to banish tobacco products from sight. British American Tobacco, of course, is firmly on board all schemes that keep young people from smoking or from being affected by smoke. In a laughable dissent from the proposed regulations, the industry suggests hiding cigarettes could have unintended consequences such as increasing "illegal" tobacco sales, or affecting smaller retailers negatively. Worst of all, says Big Tobacco, there are "unknown consequences on youth from hiding or forbidding a product."

That’s telling the fascists! When Big Tobacco speaks these days, you have laugh, or else scream. Once again the tobacco industry is playing its assigned role of dissent in the Kabuki theater written and directed by the pharmaceutical industry that buys anti-tobacco regulation in every country on earth. Big Tobacco is an uncredited supporting player in the legislative farce antitobacco is enacting across the globe. Boo.



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