It is a given that the dangers of passive smoking are a well-documented epidemiological fraud. It is also a given that smoking bans cause economic devastation. Finally, it is a given that most people are brainless sheep.

Now, put the three givens together, et voila, you have a piece like this.

Like all smoking bans, the ban in Oregon is devastating businesses, and it is based on Soviet-style anonymous "reporting". (This demonstrates, by the way, that the US has embraced the USSR Communist bloc inspired system of citizens spying on each other; therefore, implementing the directives of the Politburo). Smokers, of course, stay home, and businesses, of course, are suffering.

" ‘We’ve experienced a significant loss of revenue directly because of the law. Video poker has dropped dramatically. Cigarette sales are down 95%. Ultimately, the state will lose revenue, and it will raise taxes,’ Boorman said.”

"Who cares?", says the government. As long as there are suckers willing to pay those taxes, the government will simply raise them! So what?…

April Sparks says: "They need to reverse the ban. It was our only place left to socialize and smoke. Soon, they’ll tell us we can’t smoke in our cars or in our houses." You can bet your life on that, April. You are also forgetting that the health bastards want to demonize, dehumanize, and cast smokers out from society, as that is a key part in their larger agenda of social control. So, what are you prepared to do about that, other than whining? You must certainly know by now much, much more than that is needed, and let’s just face the facts here- "saviours" simply do not exist.

Really though, just what would the remedy be? Civil disobedience? Refusal to file income tax returns? Or perhaps any of a thousand other ways to make it difficult for the health bastards to implement their programs? What is the "remedy" then? You’ve got it: wishful thinking and hollow hopes.

“Pete’s Place owner Karo Thom predicts that smokers will eventually get bored of staying home and will return to the bars. She foresees an overall increase in clientele at Pete’s. The oldest bar in Salem is undergoing a full transformation because of the smoking prohibition.”

Yes, please keep on predicting and transforming, dear Karo!… Overwhelming historical evidence demonstrates unquestionably that smokers DO NOT get bored of staying home; instead, they transform their own homes into entertainment "sanctuaries", where they can smoke, drink, and have a good time while saving a lot of money, which in these troubled economic times is no small secondary matter. In short, they change their habits to suit their smoking – permanently – because their freedom to smoke is more important to them than yours, or a thousand other locales!

True, hoping is so much easier than fighting the health Nazi – and certainly less risky. So keep on hoping – all the way to the receiver’s office. After that, you can keep on crying and whining. You certainly don’t have our compassion.

The last line of the piece is particularly interesting: " ‘This is a fascist law!" a Jammers customer overhearing the conversation yelled out". Do not doubt that fact. Fascists were never removed by yelling at them (actually, they rather enjoyed that, because it made them feel more powerful): they were actively fought, at a high cost – and then they were hung.



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