"As it turns out I was eligible, lucky me, I was eligible to participate in this, what I thought was a great, you know, research project. I mean for the good of myself and other veterans, other young soldiers."

James Elliott learned a hard lesson about Tobacco Control. If we were to be mean, and knowing what we know, we could say he was a fool to respect the "research" of fanatical antitobacco, but that would not be fair to him. James is a brave man who served in his country’s military. He did not know, but found out, that Tobacco Control is a fraud and a criminal joint enterprise with Big Pharma. Like millions and millions of other people around the world, he was told that smoking “kills”, that it’s a “bad” thing, that it is no longer “socially acceptable” by the society that James has served risking his own life.

James Elliott was conned by his society, a society that plasters posters all over to advertise smoking cessation programs based on killer drugs – drugs that are absolutely not necessary. Elliott’s society lied to him and betrayed him. He was told that he is sick and that he needs a cure. His “disease” is smoking. He was made to feel important when he was selected to be a guinea pig for smoking cessation research, because quitting smoking is “good.”

Quitting is “good” because smoking kills people to the point that not even one death can be scientifically demonstrated to be caused by it – but James was not told that; quitting is “good” because perverted, amoral tobacco control says it is good. Psychologically vulnerable and convinced to see himself as sick because he enjoyed smoking, a “disease” that exists only in the fanatic and corrupt minds of “public health,” James risked himself to research as he risked himself in war.

He did not know that he was coöperating with the dirtiest epidemiological scam in history. He was told not to worry about it; the “experts” know what they are doing – all is going to be all right, and he will “quit to fit.” Tobacco Control/”public health” is made of experts all right – experts in fraud and deception.

James paid dearly. Below is the link to his video. We are pleased to see that he is smoking, once again, and we hope that he is going to smoke for a very long time, right in the face of public health and their scam jobs. Big Pharma and its enablers in "public health" are using soldiers to develop drugs that cure no disease, but only enrich the greedy snake oil merchants.

Now James Elliott knows what Tobacco Control is all about – he tried it on his own skin, his innocence is lost. We only hope that he tells others and sets a smoking example for all. Smoking, once again, has become a symbol of liberty, and of the fight against evil.




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