We see yet another consequence of antismoking insanity in this powerful Wall Street Journal article entitled “Cigarette Taxes Are Fueling Organized Crime." The more smoking prohibition progresses, the more it resembles US alcohol Prohibition of the ’20s.
Taxing a legal product with the arch intent of making it impossible to afford is a half-baked form of prohibition. It doesn’t work. Outright prohibition, though a seemingly more honest and coherent approach, of course does not work either. Both approaches simply lead to rampant criminality. Blue noses adorn thick heads. It takes a long time for the lesson of prohibition to sink into the minds of ideologues, and once it gets there, it evaporates too quickly. They are going to have to learn. Again.

Look at the picture above and that below. What do they have in common? The "social" message for intolerance and hatred of choice. The waste. The contempt for joy. The bigotry.

Government officials destroy cartons of untaxed tobacco: wasting a perfectly good product because they could not steal on it.

It’s a very dirty game that’s getting played now. As Big Pharma wants the monopoly on nicotine, it activates its criminal marionettes in “health” institutions and in politics to tax the “competition” out of existence, but it takes no genius to understand that such an approach leads to contraband, and contraband leads to crime. The criminal health “authorities” rely on the power of the state to institute an absolute grip of control. They intend to suffocate the natural phenomenon. Their faith in brutal repression, punishment, and social control is unbounded, as it is for all fascists. Thus, the more they cause the problem in the name of their fraudulent epidemiology, the more they call for a fascist state built in their own image.

Well, they are losing the grip: very good news for all smokers and freedom lovers. In Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, for example, the criminal taxation of what should cost under a dollar to the consumer — yes, that is the real price of a pack of cigarettes! — and instead costs up to ten dollars drives the victims of that taxation to turn to contraband and act “illegally.”

Who is to blame? Who are the criminals? Certainly not the smugglers, who have always seen in prohibition of any kind a financial opportunity: smugglers don’t smuggle just for the sake of breaking a law that should not be there in the first place: they do it for the money. Certainly the smokers are not to blame. They are the ultimate victims of the situation. They rightfully defend their financial survival.

The blame belongs to those culpable for creating a situation that leads to smuggling and to the promotion of whatever may benefit from the proceeds of smuggling. The “health” authorities are to blame. They should be removed from power, and the individuals who are responsible should be thrown in jail on several counts, such as falsification of the mortality of smoking, falsification of the dangers of passive smoking, social discrimination, hate promotion, racketeering, ideological tyranny, and public fraud in general. There are enough charges to put them in jail until they die. Incarceration would remove their unwelcome and disruptive presence from society. It would also serve them very rightly. That’s justice.

US alcohol Prohibition came to public scandal, derision, and ultimate revocation because of crime and economics. The new tobacco prohibition, whether it remains half-baked or becomes outright and overcooked in the coming years, will come to no more savory result. One thing is for sure: every smoker and freedom lover should help the process reach its inevitable end.

Take care of yourself. Keep buying at fair prices. Common crime is much easier to get rid of than is Big Brother, the institutional crime, a.k.a. Tobacco Control. Once antitobacco is put on its knees, the common crime can be dealt with quite easily, as it is much less powerful. In fact — and again as it happened with the First Prohibition — the contraband-related "crime" will disappear by itself once tobacco control is defeated, for it will have no economic reason to exist.

There is no reason for Tobacco Control in the first place because there is nothing about petty cigarettes to require "control." Tobacco is not even an intoxicant. Folks can smoke or not as they choose. There is no reason for antismoking campaigns. There is no reason for criminal taxation. Whether and how individuals, eat, drink, or smoke is very personally up to those individuals.

Furthermore, bacon and eggs do not "kill," beer does not "kill," and tobacco does not "kill": the irresponsible bastards of “public health” still have to procure one physical corpse that they can scientifically demonstrate was killed by smoking — and they have been trying for 50 years. All they have is made-up "virtual" figures from their idiotic computer models, that they dispatch to propagandistically terrorized populations as if they were talking about real funerals.

Antitobacco is a waste, a shame, and a crime. We know who the real criminals are here. Let’s go get them and then let’s get on with enjoying our lives as we please.



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