Now that the dust is settling on the German Court decision, considered evaluations on the consequence of that decision begin to surface. We connect to the FORCES Germany English Blog for two entries that examine two different angles. The positive angle (The court ruling – the positive aspects) (stored copy) considers the instantaneous positive effects of the decision, and the opportunity for the side of liberty to fight during the time gained. But not all is rosy, and optimism must be measured. In the next blog (The court ruling – education by force) (stored copy), Christoph Lovenich writes:

“Although the decision of the German Constitutional Court offers a short-term relief for many bar owners and customers, its overall message is very dangerous. It has been critized sharply not only by Netzwerk Rauchen – Forces Germany. Dr. Josef Iseensee, Professor emeritus at the University of Bonn and a very renowned scholar of constitutional law, calls it a pyrrhic victory for professional freedom because it paves the way for a total smoking ban and thereby for an ecological education by force of the complete population’. According to him, the court allows ‘brutal action" in the field of "health protection’.

The words in quotes sum up the entire healthist doctrine, in the service of which utter disregard for rights, freedom, choice and culture must be overlooked as a legitimate and necessary means to impose – on the surface – scientifically undemonstrated health benefits. In reality, however, health is just an excuse, as we know, for something very much darker: the brutal control of society by a clique of self-appointed rulers who use any excuse to impose their demented plans for control – a mentality that Europe in general and Germany in particular have experienced already, and the consequences have been delivered to history.

Now healthism and “public health” are at it again.



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