We came across a piece which appeared in the UK Guardian last year that’s really worth reading for the insight it gives into the defective mind of a health and environment freak. Author George Monbiot’s précis of his book The Denial Industry is a veritable masterpiece of compulsively combined conspiracy theories. Once we would have suggested Mister Monbiot be institutionalized, but in today’s Asylum Society, he gets published.

Summation: all those who oppose the BS about man-made global warming (read: "do something about cooling off the sun") are evil. So far, nothing new, but wait: critics of the doom scenario do not really exist: "For years, a network of fake citizens’ groups and bogus scientific bodies has been claiming that science of global warming is inconclusive."

Science on global warming is more than inconclusive, actually – it is junk science – but let’s go on. Since disagreement with paranoid orthodoxy is inconceivable to paranoid personalities those who purport to disagree must be fakes and their motives must be bogus. These evil people are corrupt, you see, because they get financial support. Funding equals corruption, ipso facto, those who are funded cannot be believed.

Who funds the evil thinkers? Evil moneymen, evil corporations, whatever the sources they must be evil, because they disagree, one cannot disagree, not with Monbiot’s sacred paranoid delusions, with which all real people must agree. All real people likewise agree that funding is evil, unless of course it’s funding for paranoiacs, which is a different, and certainly a pure and good thing, altogether. Funding of anti-tobacco and environmentalism comes from real people and corporations instead of the fake and bogus ones. "We all know" that!

The full height of Monbiot’s psychosis emerges in descriptions of the interaction between all the evil ones and all the evil industries. Exxon is the big bad guy on the environmental front, because it provides knowledgeable critics of anthropogenic global warming theories with some of the means to speak out, when of course these heretics must be silenced! The global warming blasphemers must be ostracised from the sciences and from society, just as is done to critics of fanatical anti-smoking: disbelievers must be sent to Hell, that is what they deserve, yes we all know it and now it is written, by George Monbiot.

The disbelievers are many, they are all around us, they are all in cahoots. Ugly Exxon’s planet-destroying agenda has been worked out in collaboration with other pollution-loving moneybags, stretching across many evil industries, and ultimately reaching … where? … to the very bowels of Hell? … yes, yes it’s true says Mister Monbiot, Exxon is in bed with the Devil incarnate, the shudderingly shunned and deadly dreaded Philip Morris. Well, what’s global warming to Philip Morris, you ask? Silence! Philip Morris is the Superevil. It had to be involved in any plot to destroy humanity, so it is involved, George Monbiot has written so.

The psychotic author rationalises that Philip Morris supports scientific heresies generally as a cover to its central aim of encouraging criticism of ETS junk science. In Monbiot’s delusionary exposition Philip Morris gets associated with Exxon through groups called TASSC and APCO — evil, shady, fronts which have as a common denominator the good opinion of the most sinister Steven Milloy. Journalist Milloy, we are told, "has done well" for himself, suggestively by facilitating the deaths of millions through the combined plagues of passive smoking and global warming.

There are many more hideous people enmeshed in this conspiracy against health and safety, dupes all of the evil corporations which, as absolutely everyone knows, have the sole purpose of killing people to become rich – the more people they kill, the better. Their industries are Satan’s industries. Their disciples include figures like Frederick Seitz who’s guilty, amongst other things, of having been a consultant to the tobacco industry. Brr!… Don’t you feel the chill running down your spine?

You should, because, get this: "The president of Seitz’s Science and Environmental Policy Project is a maverick [read: does not sing the tune] environmental scientist called S Fred Singer. He has spent the past few years refuting evidence for manmade climate change." Only a "maverick" could, in fact, deny the conclusive evidence against the man-made global warming that does not exist. Singer "also had connections with the tobacco industry." We are told no more on the point but what matter that? How could it be otherwise? Disbelievers are evil and evil ones worship Philip "Beelzebub" Morris. Naturally.

Monbiot cites the 1992 Environmental Protection Agency report as Holy Writ regarding passive smoking. He does not mention that EPA 1992 was nullified in federal court in 1998. No doubt Monbiot would consider Judge William Osteen just another one of those fake people in cahoots against the real people. Anti-tobacco always implies that Osteen was a Big Tobacco marionette without providing a shred of proof.

Monbiot naturally cannot resist reciting dogma about the thousands of nameless "victims" of passive smoking, and the word "children" could not be missing in this, and isn’t. We all know smokers are murderers of course. Proof doesn’t matter when it comes to health and environment: this is The Word and The Word is believed, by Monbiot, his devoted readers, and all who are frightened. Those who spread fear and hate are real, and good, those who criticise or resist are fake, and bad, and all linked in conspiracy.

This is the Holy War of Good (health and environment) against Evil (science, corporations, economics, and free behaviour.) The Word must be spread far and wide. We are told the BBC, a most faithful lackey of junk science and state agenda, planned a programme about this book. We are glad to have missed it.

This piece really is an experience. Amusing Delusions would have made a better title for Mister Monbiot’s book, which please, do not buy or read, for reasons of health. The article’s almost too much in itself, and with any more of this, we’d have split a gut.



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