Both TICAP and FORCES are mentioned by readers of a Scottish newspaper.

Scotland’s Dunfermline Press says a billion pounds of British taxpayers’ money is wasted every week on the costs of continuing membership in the European Union. The opinion piece (links below) goes on to say that the EU is essentially unaudited, and furthermore, thoroughly corrupt.

The same could be said of many governmental organizations, of course, but the EU is as bad as any. Even more interesting than the Dunfermline Press editorial itself are reader comments which follow on it. The egregious case of the EU Parliament’s attempted suppression of the International Coalition Against Prohibition conference in January is raised, as is the Big Lie of "Secondhand smoke kills."

FORCES is specifically mentioned by the British readers. Of course, as regular FORCES readers know, the EU Parilament’s attempt at TICAP suppression resulted in a last-minute change of venue, from the parliament building itself to a nearby hotel conference facility, where free speech regarding prohibition and Healthist Fascism prevailed under the umbrella of the "Thinking Is Forbidden" conference.

The public is wising up. The fights for institutional integrity and personal freedom cannot be suppressed. FORCES stands for Fight Ordinances and Restrictions to Control or Eliminate Smoking, but it stands for more than that as well, and our acronym is well chosen.

Popular indignation toward the modern eugenics of Healthism is great. Popular demand for recognition of personal dignity and restoration of individual freedom is great, as is its demand for organization to fight for its rights, and to punish those who have spat on them.

This indignation, these demands, and the fundamental popular will for fairness, justice, and tolerant society are massive, and daily growing. These are great forces indeed. They cannot be suppressed. They shall not be. More are joining us every day. We are fighting. Nothing can stop us. This is a righteous war against a renewal of Fascistic ideology. We are going to win it.



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