Decades ago, a virtually safe cigarette was under design by an imposing array of specialists in a coöperative effort between the US National Cancer Institute, and the tobacco industry. This effort was scuttled by burgeoning prohibitionism, which detests free choice and deplores the very concept of improving product safety, in preference for hatred of smoking heretics and a sick ideology of "quit or die."
The research was highly productive and plans for introduction of the improved products were in the works in 1979. That year, the swiftly advancing research was described at a symposium resulting in a book published in 1980, The Banbury Report: a Safe Cigarette? This important document has been stonily ignored and actively suppressed by empowered prohibitionists ever since. Following on considerable research and effort, FORCES has recovered a pristine copy of this report, now available once again, to all and in its entirety, as presented online at our new Library Portal.

Contemporary antitobacco preferred a more hazardous product, at any cost to health, to providing health protection for despised smokers. This sordid story could have come from the pen of an imaginative political fiction writer, but it’s all too true, and this book is proof. In the future, more proof about the crimes of “public health” will be published by FORCES. In the meantime, turn the pages of this book – and think. Once you do, we are certain that the next piece of antismoking propaganda you hear or see, you will take in a newly illuminated view.

Gio Batta Gori Likewise essential is the related book Virtually Safe Cigarettes: Reviewing an Opportunity Once Tragically Rejected, by Doctor Gio Gori, former Smoking and Health Program Director at the National Cancer Institute, a leader of the government research team. Doctor Gori and other of the researchers have remained dedicated to protesting the "quit or die" fanaticism. In this pursuit Gori continued working in liaison with the tobacco industry, leading of course to the kind of vicious ad hominem attacks antitobacco fanatics have chosen as their chief modus operandus for deflecting all criticism or pleas to reason.

Needless to say, the attacks have continued even after Dr. Gori stopped dealing with the tobacco industry, years ago. For the sick antismoking ideologues, even one exposure to the target industry is enough to brand you for life and to eternity, regardless of truth and logic — while they "forget," of course, that they are paid-off marionettes of the pharmaceutical industry.

Virtually Safe Cigarettes provides valuable context and perspective, having been written in the year 2000, in a highly readable form with less of the technical detail found in the original 1980 Banbury Report. Links below connect to portal presentations of the two books, with online access to the entire texts for each. An additional link to a related section of our new Scientific Portal is also provided below. Please enjoy this very enlightening reading.

The Banbury Report || Virtually Safe Cigarettes
Safer Cigarettes are Possible: Scientific Evidence Listing



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