Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s. We often insult tobacco control because it deserves no respect. However, as a good Christmas deed, this time we say thank you.

Why do we say thanks to people who deserve jail? The reason is simple: because official reports which obviously escaped media control tell us that, both in England and in France, the number of smokers has increased since the smoking bans.

As we know, the health institutions and their mass-media marionettes have done and continue to do all they can: launch warnings and alarms, mass-produce junk science, falsify scientific and economic data, attribute to smoking even in-grown toenails and – as every good Nazi should do – promote hatred and contempt against smokers.

What’s interesting to notice – something that the mass-media lackeys will never highlight – is that the campaigns of scientific frauds, fear and hatred are aimed primarily at children of tender age, when falsified pictures of pig lungs treated with tar and acid are shown to them, to make them believe that those are smokers’ lungs, and to convince them that smoking is a “disease” and an “epidemic”.

Let us consider this: given that the number of smokers continues to rise in spite of the growing propaganda and prohibition, it is quite unlikely that those who start smoking are aged individuals. It is more likely that the new smokers are part of the youth which, made curious about smoking by the propaganda bombardment, start investigating on their own. Because the youth is using the Internet which cannot be controlled, groups dedicated to unmask the Fraud of the Century (such as FORCES is) can educate them and give them evidence. It follows that the smartest of them understand that the institutions are rotten, and their reaction is to start smoking. What’s even more hopeful and important is that the increase in smokers’ number delivers a silent but powerful message to the institutions: “We do not believe you”.

There is no doubt that the message is understood by many at Tobacco Control. Yet, a diabolical machine based on a parasitic economy has been established and it cannot be stopped even by them. Faced with a reality that shows that the number of smokers will continue to grow unless bans are abolished and the propaganda stopped — and knowing that such sensible solutions are not an option — the only way “forward” is to make tobacco illegal. That, in fact, has been already openly proposed in Europe by a neo-Nazi group headed by MEP Avril Doyle, member of the EU Environment , Public Health and Food Safety Committee.

The prohibition push is one of the main reasons for the 1st World Conference Against Prohibition on January 27 and 28 in Brussels (see also the ad in this page). Participate!

Happy smoking Christmas! In the meantime, here is the piece on the increment of smokers in the UK (stored copy ). In the middle of the page an insert on the same phenomenon in France is visible. The insert can also be seen on line on its own (stored copy).



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