It still lurks in the mists of anti-smoking ideology.
We’ve reported
over about a year’s time on a particularly odoriferous piece of junk science from Scotland perpetrated by Jill Pell. Christopher Snowdon now ably plunges another stake into the heart of this.

Beware, however, while movie vampires may be thus subdued, anti-smoking never stops dredging up the stinking remains of its “science.”

Keep your neck, and your nose, covered well. Keep your eyes open too. This “study” and its kind will indeed remain among us until anti-smoking itself is staked at the heart.

When the crazed movement is thereafter cremated, and even after its ashes have been given wide scattering, beware still.

There is no safe level of crazed ideology. A single cinder in the cosmos needs watching. Real evil is eternal, and so must be our vigilance, and our willingness to fight.

Click the link below for Mister Snowdon’s deft article.



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