A ban on outdoor patio heaters provides a glimpse into the quasi-religious "health, safety, environment" mania that has supplanted the traditional struggle against sin.
Though the first half of the article linked with below may be a bit confusing for those of us unfamiliar with TV culture in Ireland, the second half is a fairly insightful look at the zealotry of the new Puritans, with special attention paid to the common goals and methods of the Healthist and environmentalist sects.

The perverted “science” behind their claims is designed to instill belief. Once a large enough following of believers is established, true science can be ignored and even shunned as heresy, the devil’s work. Shrill cries of “The debate is over!” from both these groups is their way of clamping their hands firmly over the congregation’s ears so they will “hear no evil.”

Their message is clear. Human pleasure is dangerous and, worse than that, it is sinful! Mankind, indeed the planet itself, will be struck down by scourges and disasters of awesome proportions unless we mend our ways. How interesting that mending our ways consists of shoveling piles of money into the new faith’s collection plate. Then we must cede control over our own lives, to its “priests,” ordained by pure fraudulence, to define the sole path to righteousness.



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