Many have heard of the Master Settlement Agreement, but very few realize its size and implications. Perhaps is because the size of the exploitation is so large and the numbers involved so big that it is impossible for the average smoking victim to really understand them.

Two hundred and fifty billion dollars in payments – that is, 250,000 million dollars — and those payments to be made in perpetuity. One hundred thousand dollar per hour in lawyer fees. Fifteen billion dollars in lawyer fees – that is 15,000 million — paid by the tobacco industry (by smokers, in other words) through price increases. Backroom deals. Stalling. Legal blackmails. A mafia within a mafia.

Do you wonder why the antitobacco industry is so adamant about the “dangers” of smoking and passive smoking? Do you ask yourself why the “authorities” “care” so much about your “health”? You’ll find many answers in this interview by Maryetta Ables with Hans Braden of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, an organization which is launching a lawsuit against the MSA.

What is actually going on is the largest wealth transfer in the history of the United States and probably of the world – a transfer from the pockets of the smoking lower classes into those of the richer, mostly non-smoking upper classes, states, antismoking activist organizations and lawyers.

And all of this on the skin of smokers. On top of that, there are smoking bans, persecutions, firings, discrimination, and refusal of medical care. There’s more unreasonable taxations, price increases from the tobacco industry, removal of parental custody, accusations of child abuse, hate propaganda, junk science, and false information given out by “health” authorities.

What does it take to fire up a serious and measurable reaction in a persecuted class? This is the question with which you will struggle with after hearing this interview.



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