Commenting on the latest piece of junk science today (third hand smoke), columnist Andrew Phillips makes some sharp remarks on how this pseudo-scientific trash has become more daring and more bold, to the point where the "scientific institutions" that develop these “studies” don’t bother citing funding sources, or even naming researchers.

Since the beginning, those behind the fraud of passive smoking should have been harshly punished, but they weren’t. Soon the public health cons heralded themselves as saviours of the public, all the while waving junk-science based trash in front of them. Then the hate campaign started, veritably inspired by the Nazi ones. These campaigns were called “denormalization,” public health’s new word for hatred.

Some of the ignorant and closeminded responded to the propaganda, and found a new excuse to hate. They seem to be delighted at the new opportunity to become yet more intolerant of those who are “different” (and very often much saner) than they are. The "health authorities", Nazi-like criminals now firmly installed in government along with their ideology, steadily supply more reasons for hate. Hate always needs new justifications that put a “moral veneer” on it , much like what happened in Germany with the Jews. Now, here comes third hand smoke.

Let’s examine the criminal circle again: junk science used as an excuse to justify hate, which needs more excuses, which in turn needs more junk science. Activist groups that pose as “grass roots”, when they actually are on the payroll of the pharmaceutical industry, or the state itself, act as bellows on the fire of hate. In an increasingly collectivist country such as Canada, it is beginning to reach such extremes.

Antismoking trash, such as The Non-Smokers’ Rights Association (NSRA), accuse all opposition of recieving "tobacco money," while they get funding directly from the state, as Phillips documents, to instigate hate and implement the state’s agenda of annihilating private property rights while deliberately conning the citizenry using junk science. In Canada, The NSRA is to the government what the National Socialist German Students’ Association (Nationalsozialistischer Deutscher Studentenbund,or NSDStB) was to the Third Reich. Read more about culture engineering in the Third Reich here (stored copy), and pay attention to the parallel with antismoking methodology; it is as astounding as it is scary.

The NSDStB organized nationwide book burning ceremonies in which they consigned to flames the works of such “un-German” writers as Bertolt Brecht, Thomas Mann, Erich Maria Remarque, and the texts of Jewish authors, including such famous German writers as Franz Werfel, Lion Feuchtwanger, and Heinrich Heine. It was a “spontaneous” movement paid off by the Nazi bureaucrats to give an appearance of mass popular support. Today, the NSRA wants to burn tobacco stores, smokers, old and new movies, culture, along with science and traditions to mold the new National-healthist culture of hate and oppression.

Phillips’s piece (and the piece in the Ottawa Citizen he is referring to) are recommended reading to help educate yourselves in the fight against the Nazism of the 21st century.



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