Completely suffocated by the international press is the information that smoking prohibition has steady and devastating economic effects in Germany.

Below we connect to a series of German articles that describe a desperate situation. All articles report the same news, from various angles, with varying emotions. The bankruptcy of a great number of hospitality venues is impending. For many venues it has already occurred.

Smokers do what they are supposed to do, and boycott the places where smoking is forbidden. They do the right thing, as smokers are citizens who pay more taxes than non-smokers, even though they cost less to society. Smokers are good folks with a perfectly respectavble habit who have become victims of a small sector of fanatics who have launched hate campaigns against them. It is only fair, therefore, that smokers use their economic weight against antitobacco. Let’s never forget that it was economy – not civil conscience about liberty! – that put alcohol prohibition on its knees in the America of the ’20s.

Nevertheless, smokers’ withdrawal from public places has produced mighty economic repurcussions, not only on the hospitality industry, but also in unanticipated ways on many other fields, such as, for example:

The match industry. Matchbook advertising is virtually disappearing. Thirty percent losses are reported for the largest match manufacturer in Europe, situated in Germany. The drop has been experienced since the beginning of smoking bans. A ten percent loss is also reported for the second largest match manufacturer, also located in Germany. *
Ice cream manufacturers that supply restaurants with both ice creams and freezers. The freezers often get lost because of the confiscations of business assets due to bankruptcies.
Companies that sell bowling equipment, loss of about 15%, and growing. Particularly hit is SPOBAG AG, that employs hundreds of people. The company blames the smoking ban for two reasons: first because smokers no longer go out to play, and second because the owners of the bowling alleys no longer have the money to pay for the products, as they had to set up expensive smoking sections – if they are allowed – to “protect the health of non-smokers” from a danger that was and could never demonstrated to exist in the first place other then in the minds of Tobacco Control operatives, who have fabricated clearly false evidence.
Suppliers of alcohol products to bars and restaurants, because of the lower flow of customers (where are all those non-smokers that Tobacco Control promised would flood those places?), while alcohol consumption in non-controlled areas such as private residences has increased tremendously and, with that, drunk driving.

Although the general repercussions of the smoking bans are not yet quantifiable, there is no doubt that they are huge and that they are getting worse because, differently than official and doctored forecasts, German smokers are not “getting used to” servitude to the non-smoking ideology that the ministries of “health” expected. That is the classic error of all fascists (whether they are aware of being fascists or not): to see liberty, self-determination, and pleasures as “vices,” devoid of natural human motivation: hence the conclusion that the oppressed will conform and “get used to it.”

As we know, the situation is not better in England where, less than a year since the ban came, about two thousand pubs have shut down operations. Closures remain rampant. Naturally this also afflicts all the peripheral industries and activities involved with the stricken venues. Even with regard to the British economic calamity the international press stays silent, as the mandate is to show that smoking prohibition does not have negative effects, and that smokers accept their fate because “health comes first.” The all-Nazi idea of the health Nazis of international “public health,” coördinated by the WHO gangsters in Geneva, is that if you lie long enough (and suppress information) people will accept the lies as truth.

Despite all efforts at information control, the story of such grave situations has become impossible to contain, and many demonstrations in Germany are already taking place, as well as systematic violations of the smoking ban.

Faced with such disobedience, antismokers show their colours and threaten the use of force if the law is defied. Their victims, on the other hand, seem to be ready to defend themselves. That is very good, as it is high time to stand up against prevarication. It really seems that there may be a healthy escalation of the confrontation between the forces of corruption and fraud and those of freedom and self-determination, as each side is determined to show the other who is in charge, and who will ultimately be hanged from the political tree.

So far, history has demonstrated that it is the dictators who get hanged, and of course history has a tendency to repeat itself.

Keep on smoking. Keep on violating the fascist laws. Help to make the situation uncontrollable. Help us to make smoking bans fail, and the epidemiological fraud known.

Here are links to the German news.

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* That is not because people smoke less since the smoking bans. It is because restaurants, hotels, and bars, used to order complimentary matches and ashtrays for clients. Of course the flexion of clients causes a flexion of this demand.



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