In Canada there’s a group called the National Coalition Against Contraband Tobacco. They’re having fits. They crawl around collecting cigarette butts, you see, off of the ground nearby high schools. As the smoker pogrom progresses they’re identifying more and more of these – more than eighty per cent sometimes – as originating from the black market.

This, we’re told, is a terrible crisis in which innocent teens have become “the target of the criminal thugs at the end of the contraband tobacco distribution chain.” Because of this “tragedy” the combined oppressions of the precious pogrom “are all going up in smoke because of the wide availability of illegal cigarettes.”

The solution, say the prohibitionist poobahs, is to make the very possession of tobacco in any form a serious crime for teenagers. They say for teenagers. They mean for everybody. They’ll get to what they mean, before long, as they always do.

In Canada and across the globe folks of all ages are telling their vicious governments to go to Hell. They have had it with being targets of the criminal thugs of institutionalized Tobacco Control. The bug-eyed and thick-headed poobahs as usual aren’t listening. They’re going to have to feel a lot more fire. So they shall.



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