The turnip truck of state – It’s no secret that President Bush’s approval ratings are in the toilet. What hasn’t been highlighted, however, is that Congress’s approval ratings make Bush’s look like accolades. It’s a sad fact that people of all political persuasions are fed up with the "same old, same old" that is Washington, DC. Normal Kjono takes time to write to his representative and one of his senators, both members of the political party now in charge, to express disappointment that the culture of special interests still holds sway. From the never-ending Iraq war to the continuing demonization of those who smoke, the politicians persist in promoting the goals of rich interests, such as anti-tobacco and the pharmaceutical industry, over the interests of the residents of the United States. Approval ratings indicate political subservience to odious special interests groups is a recipe for another housecleaning next year. Politicians who refuse to represent those who sent them to Washington do so at their peril.



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