Chris Snowdon discloses some of the bases of antitobacco arrogance and discusses some prospects for remediation. As Snowdon describes, “public health” institutions and journals are largely run by prohibitionist political advocates, to an end that: “One of the consequences of these institutions being dominated by former activists and crusaders is that the peer-review process is often carried out by a self-selecting team of like-minded individuals with a shared agenda. If the studies examined in this series of articles are any indication, peer-reviewers are either not reading submitted papers properly or are so blinded by ideology that they will allow any rubbish to make it into print for the benefit of what they view as the greater good. Since these studies ultimately help to dictate policy, the agencies which finance and propagate research have become judge, jury and executioner on a whole range of health and environmental issues without ever being accountable to anyone but themselves. They are, in short, untouchable.”

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