From Canada, another shot against the antis, this time in the form of a book called The War on Fun. The author is a conservative-libertarian publisher, Ezra Levant, best known for taking a courageous stand during the controversy some time back over Danish cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed (Levant reproduced the cartoons in his magazine).

From the book: "… many of the sources of anti-smoking ‘science’ [other than your tax money I would add] are paid for not by neutral universities or academic foundations seeking only the truth, but rather by corporations whose business depends on a constant stream of anti-smoking information: pharmaceutical companies who sell smoking cessation. There’s nothing wrong with for-profit pharmaceutical companies paying to promote the idea that cigarettes are unhealthy and their smoking cessation medicines are better – but that’s called ‘advertising’ when it’s done in other industries. In the anti-smoking industry, though, it’s called a scientific journal."

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