Today Chicken Little is the American press.
USA Today, a lowbrow newspaper (what could be said of most at this point), cuts and pastes a press release from something called the American Public Health Association, presenting the final product as "news." The news, of course, is very, very grim, as APHA forecasts an endless string of health disasters caused by global warming. Every square inch of the United States will be affected. There is no place to hide.

The Midwest and Northeast will see broiling cities where heatstroke decimates the masses, especially the poor and elderly.
The Northwest will see flooding and overflowing sewage systems, increasing disease.
The Southwest will see temperatures resembling those in Death Valley, with accompanying drought, wild fires, and pollution.
The Great Plains will see scorching summers and warm winters that will reduce crop yields.
The Southeast and the Atlantic coast will suffer more and stronger hurricanes that result in damaged water systems.

APHA regards itself as a modern day Cassandra, condemned to foretell the future to a bunch of dummies who laugh in disbelief. APHA complains that Americans are unaware of the "very real consequences of climate change." That’s a laugh in itself since an American cannot get through one day without a multitude of global warming stories polluting print, television, and radio news outlets.

APHA would like us to believe that the weather events listed above have never occurred on this old planet. The Anasazi culture in the Southwest ended abruptly in the 13th century, during a period of severe drought. No internal combustion engine or coal plants existed anywhere on Earth at that time. The vulgar phrase, "shit happens," sums up one of mankind’s most persistent observations. What’s new now is a scientifically illiterate population that, paradoxically, reveres the concept of science: making it a prime sucker for hucksters, charlatans, and con men who, like former Vice-President Albert Gore, have become very rich indeed milking the credulous.

APHA’s primary purpose is to enrich its coffers. Its secondary purpose, which will deliver its primary, is to empower social engineers to regulate, tax, and manage the population. Spreading panic is APHA’s business.



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