We are pleased to present another FORCES International Round Table. This time the topic is “attributions” of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome to Environmental Tobacco Smoke. Our discussion raises striking perspectives from three distinguished guests on an abysmal lack of integrity into which health professionals and institutions now very commonly fall.

Host Gian Turci engages Dr. Elio Gagliano, MD pathologist from Italy, Dr. Phil Button, MD anaesthetist from the UK, and toxicologist, epidemiologist and micro-biologist Dr. Gio Gori from the US, in a wide-open and daring discussion.

Does passive smoking contribute to, aggravate, or “cause” SIDS? What is SIDS and how does it work? What does it mean, what are the knowns, and the unknowns? Of what benefit are post-mortem examinations?

Is it moral and professional for medical associations and other “health” authorities to tell parents that their smoking killed their children in the absence of scientific proof, to exploit the emotions of the tragically bereaved and of the general public for social engineering propaganda?

Where does science end, and ideology begin? How can honest scientists and professionals be heard by the public when Big Pharma and the mass-media do their absolute best to promote the scare while silencing dissent?

These and many other questions and answers that the big media would never, ever publish in these dark times of social and information control are posed and freely discussed in this Round Table that we trust you will enjoy.



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