Smoking tobacco will always be with us. While circumventing unjust laws will continue unabated there is a right way to fight.
In a desperate attempt to remain solvent, Minnesota bar owners are exploiting a clause in the statewide prohibition that allows smoking in theatrical productions. Patrons are given “roles” in the “production,” thereby allowing them to smoke without having to step out into sub-zero wind chills. The ploy was used successfully by a few establishments over the last couple of weeks and word of this success has now spread among hundreds of business owners who have been struggling mightily to make ends meet since inception of the oppressive ban last October.

Though any form of organized rebellion against these unjust laws is to be applauded, this scheme will undoubtedly be short-lived. Anti-tobacco and the politicians who believe their lies, or simply don’t like smoking and smokers, are not amused and will most certainly use this as an opportunity to expand the ban ahead of schedule. Trying to win this game by playing within the boundaries set by the tyrants will always fail because they have the power to change the rules.

If these same struggling bar owners (many of whom probably cried for a “level playing field” per anti-tobacco’s script) would put the same amount of time and effort into doing what Jon Hemminghaus of Illinois did — defying absolutely — they would break the ban once and for all. Mr. Hemminghaus’s attitude and continuing forthright action goes right to the core of anti’s greatest fear. They are bullies of the highest order and Jon has called them out. His is a lonely voice today and Anti can ignore him … for now.

Anti-tobacco is a house of cards built on a foundation of lies and deceit. If these Minnesota bar owners all put Jon’s sign on prominent display and stuck to their guns, those walls would crumble within days, revealing to all the vermin that now hides behind them.



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