The financial motive for Tobacco Control to promote its anti-smoking frauds is obvious. As the global warming fraud metastasizes the financial motives of its proponents become glaring. Persecuting smokers is big business. From providing high salaries to an expanding army of "health educators" and other grifters such as the so-called scientists cranking out tobacco-related "studies," picking the pockets of smokers is one of the most notorious examples of transfer payments from citizens to a well heeled, politically connected gang of moochers. On the multi-national corporate front anti-tobacco is in the business plans of pharmaceutical companies that finance anti-smoking activists to pressure politicians to enact smoking bans so that smokers will substitute cigarettes for lousy, over-priced smoking cessation devices. In many states and countries Big Drugs provides the cessation devices, at a huge profit, for governments that dispense them to citizens. While smokers are obviously plundered to finance anti-smoking measures and initiatives society as a whole also coughs up the bucks that enrich the thieves that are Tobacco Control.

The global warming hoax, which posits that human beings through their activities are making the earth hotter, will, if it isn’t stopped, steal far more of the people’s money than even Tobacco Control could envision. California voters have the opportunity this election season to see up close and personal the money-making fraudsters in action in the form of two voter initiatives to combat global warming. California already is fully on board the global warming hoax, just as it is the secondhand smoke fraud but this time the voters may see through the scam and send the two initiatives straight to the trash can.

From the spokesman of one of the initiatives we see the hyperbole that is a signature of fraudsters everywhere:

"We’ve got to develop a sense of urgency. We’re at the stage where I think the human race should be added to the Endangered Species Act."

Passing an initiative that results in the extinction of the con artists would be highly desirable but it is good news that both global warming initiatives face a tough sell. Even to environmentally obsessed Californians the money transfer from citizens to rich special interests is too obvious to ignore.

Proposition 10 would hand rebates (money) to people and companies that purchase vehicles that run on natural gas, or other fuels that also produce lesser amounts of "greenhouse" gases than petroleum based fuel. Where would all this money needed for the rebates come from? From the California taxpayers in the form of $5-billion state bonds, a $10-billion price tag when interest is calculated. Who would be the beneficiary of this program? The multi-billionaire who placed it on the ballot.

T. Boone Pickens is a Texas oilman who is becoming familiar to television viewers through his folksy, pseudo public service announcements exhorting America to end its "addiction" to foreign oil. While combating global warming is not explicitly on stage his "plan" implicitly signals that its adoption would reduce the production of CO2 thereby cooling the planet. His company, Clean Energy Fuels, is the nation’s largest provider of natural gas and owns fueling stations throughout California.

Here a particular aspect of the fraud should be noted. Do you know why natural gas is called a "clean" fuel"? Because, when it burns, it produces less hydrocarbons (dusts) since it burns more completely than other fuels such as oil or gasoline. The result of the more complete combustion is more production of CO2. But isn’t CO2 a "pollutant", a "greenhouse gas" that is "responsible" for global warming?… Don’t be bamboozled by these opportunists fraudsters, who take advantage of popular ignorance and fears to advance their special interests: the production of energy, throughout the universe, is based on a process of matter transformation to liberate that usable energy. Thus any production of energy, in any form, means pollution. That is an absolutely natural process that exists since the beginning of time, and that humans have been well equipped to withstand by the process of natural selection. It is therefore no "assault" to health and no planetary "threat". Differently than the frauds on health and evironment, it is perfectly acceptable morally and environmentally.

Back to the issue, the money trail for Proposition 7 is somewhat subtler than that for T. Boone Pickens’ initiative. Proposition 7 would require the state to derive half its electricity from "renewable" sources by 2025. Renewable excludes nuclear power. Currently much of California’s electricity is imported from other states where coal-burning electricity generating plants are located. Rather than that "dirty" power that warms the globe, California would look inward and obtain its power from trendy renewable sources. The initiative is a grab bag of carrots and sticks, so complicated that sane people should recognize its inherent deceptiveness, that mandates the purchase of a certain type of electricity even though its costs might be far greater than the current energy pool of global warming inducing electricity. Needless to say the renewable fuel businesses that will be the only source of acceptable electricity are those promoting Proposition 7.

When the state takes over business decisions and orders people to direct their money in a particular way fascism is just around the corner. When a turn to fascism is based on a fraud insanity will be the result. Anti-tobacco and global warming are two sides of the same coin.



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