Tobacco Control and antismoking propaganda in general is an industry — an industry of fraud, mind you, but an industry nevertheless. As such, it has to mass-produce as efficiently as it can. Here is a quick review of its latest products to be marketed in 2009.

The antismoking propaganda is getting more ludicrous and less credible as time goes by, counting on poular ignorance and supertstition. But even the most ignorant begin to have doubts – and that is good for the cause of liberty.

THIRD HAND SMOKE: MOLECULES OF THE SIZE OF DINOSAURS! (stored copy) – New trash information divulged, amongst others, by the ideological flagship of the antismoking industry (the New York Times) says that the “invisible yet toxic brew of gases and particles clinging to smokers’ hair and clothing, not to mention cushions and carpeting, that lingers long after smoke has cleared from a room”.

In this medieval evolution of the passive smoking fraud, emotions are concentrated on lingering molecules that attack the health of both children and adults and, magically, become colossi that consume the victim! Of course there is no way that this can happen, but it does not matter: like everything else that concerns smoking, it is ideological propaganda that has nothing to do with science, truth, and common sense. Is it ignorance or sheer dishonesty, to the point of being criminal behaviour? The answer is both, interacting for the purpose of manipulating cultures and values. This kind of ludicrous claim can be good for our side, however, as it shows the true colours of a contemptible ideology.

SECOND HAND SMOKE: SUPER-KILLER OF CHILDREN! (stored copy) – Children can never be missing from any holy crusade. Trash divulged by the MassGeneral Hospital for Children in August 2008 – to be expanded in 2009 – claims that passive smoking “kills” more children than all child cancers combined. This claim – a real insult to science and integrity – is meant to appeal to parental emotions and elicit guilt and fear. Smoke around your children without worries, because given the REAL science at hand, passive smoking is harmless. The "precautionary principle" of fearing anything and everything fearmongers fear is harmful indeed and just plain crazy.

FIRST HAND SMOKE: ONE BILLION PEOPLE KILLED IN THE 20TH CENTURY BY SMOKING! (stored copy) – This is not exactly a “new product” by the industry of fraud, but considering the manufacturer (the WHO) it is worthy of attention because those scumbags will certainly use it abundantly in 2009.

Incidentally, to those who object to the strong terminology that we use against “public health” institutions, we reply: how would they define people and organizations that knowingly lie systematically to the population to achieve the desired results? What would they do? Politely object to the demonstrable frauds because “public health” is “authority”? No, thanks. Cons are cons, and they must be addressed as such.

So then, the cons and scumbags of the World Health Organization and their ideological/paid-for followers say that tobacco has “killed” a billion people is the 20th century but – hang on to you hat! – it may “kill” the same amount by 2025 – unless tobacco is uprooted, of course. The cons, let us never forget, still have to prove scientifically that even one death has or will occur due to tobacco consumption, but that’s beside the point.

Chiefs of state, military leaders and terrorists all over the world, please stop for a second and think: with cigarettes available, who needs terrorist attacks? Who needs the atomic or the neutron bomb?…

…Just advertise Marlboros and Camels, wait a few years and… you will have available entire nations devoid of their populations and all ready to be colonized again!

Just make sure not to colonize them with antismokers. Then you’d just have to bomb for real!



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